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I was invited to contribute to a feature at called  “What do I really believe…”  The subject in this first feature is the question, “What do I really believe happens when we die?”

It isn’t a trivial question, nor is it purely academic.  The way any story ends decisively shapes what we make of everything that led up to the end; and the same is true of life.  And, while we don’t know in one sense what will happen, nor does anyone know in detail (how could you?), like any other set of choices, what we believe happens when we die, makes a huge difference in the way we live.

Put another way: The end may not justify the means, but it certainly shapes our choice of means.

So, you will find my contribution at:

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Join the conversation.  It is important to know what you believe about the way your own story ends.

One Response to “What do I really believe happens when we die”

  1. Carol Lawson says:

    Dear Fred, As always, you have much to say to all. First of all, I appreciate your writings because they reflect you. Then they lead me to new insights. My only brother – there were just two siblings – has been in hospitals since January. He has had 5 major heart surgeries and some just within hours of each other. He is 2 years older than me. Now it seems to be his lungs that are giving away and there are blood clots. On and on….
    The most amazing point of my story is that through all of these surgeries, procedures, and ordeals is that he has renewed his faith in Jesus and I believe at this point is now ready to go on to the other side should Jesus call him home.
    We were raised in a very godly home with a precious Mother who knelt by the bedside with my brother on one side and me on the other and she prayed and I’m sure we prayed our childhood prayers. Everytime the church opened we were there. I remember playing the piano for the church by age 6. It was a Baptist church but rather like a full gospel church. I remember my Mother’s prayers and felt like oceans of heaven were sweeping over me even as a child. Those times are vivid to me yet my brother has no recollection of these events or many others spiritual matters.
    We both left the fold. I returned at age 30 and now many years later I can say Jesus is sweeter than ever before. I can’t express the joy I feel that my brother has a relationship with Jesus now. My Mother’s last words to him were that he get his life right with God. I’m sure my parents, other relatives, the vast unknown people who live in heaven now are rejoicing over my brother. I know my husband who died almost 5 years ago is very glad. Most of all the blessed holy angels are filling heaven with their joyous praises and the Prince of Life, Jesus Christ, has kept His Word that not one person who comes to Him will He cast out.
    In the meantime we each live our lives in expectancy that Jesus is coming back to set up His Kingdom forever. Our Lord is the delight of my heart and I join the great throng of heaven and earth to bless His Holy Name forever and forever.

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