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From time to time I thought I would post something on the lighter side and no small number of those observations will probably will involve our Gordon Setter, Hilda.  For example, Hilda has taught me something about occupational hazards.

We are all socialized by our work lives in one way or another; and it is important to remember that what the work world wants from and offers us is not necessarily congruent with what we are meant to be.  For example, academic life requires exacting attention to the scholarship on a given subject, detailed substantiation for the arguments made, and a long, carefully reasoned defense.  Those are requirements that are usefully observed when seeking tenure or writing an article for an established journal.

They do not translate quite so easily into every day life.  As my dear wife is wont to observe, “The dog doesn’t need paragraphs.”  She does not need to have the commands, “sit” or “down” justified.  She is not a consequentialist…”If you don’t stay, you will need to go to your crate.”  And she is incapable of grasping the suggestion, “Visitors won’t enjoy coming, if you jump on them.”

We would all do well to double check the way in which we have been socialized at work.  It does not all translate easily, obviously, or well beyond the walls of the workplace.  There are times when the dog doesn’t need paragraphs, nor do others we love.

Happy Sabbath…wherever in the world you might be.

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