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  1. Carol Lawson says:

    Dear Fred, Thank you for your wonderful article on “White Noise”. Do you remember the time approx. 4 years ago after SS I asked you why in Nicene Creed/Apostle Creed we say “rose again”. You were faithful to think about the answer through the week and gave it to me afterward about the “again” part.

    Last Sunday evening I was having dinner with my son. I told him about you researching your answer for me but I still needed further help with it.

    I told him what you had given me. He then went to the we don’t know what original really states but I nicely knocked that down with people have been reciting these creeds too long for every word, comma, paragraph, etc. not to have been critically and carefully thought through and revised it necessary.

    Then my son said: It might be “rose again” was like Jesus was held in death and He “rose again” – back – to life for all to see and have life forever in His life.

    I thank you, Fred, for all your contributions to everyone. You are such a gift. I thank you for all your contributions to my life. You are very meaningful to so many, many people and I am included in that host of people. Your gift keeps giving.

    We all miss you more than you know.

    Thank you again – for your “theology”. It is you. It shines.

    Carol Lawson

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