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Our emotions can be important spiritual companions. Just remember, there is a difference between listening to them and being co-opted by them.

Disappointment, for example, measures the distance between what we want and what we have. It can also measure the difference between what should be and what is.

Seen in that light, disappointment can spur us to achievement and drive us to work for justice.

But disappointment can also point to other problems: unfair or unrealistic expectations, unhealthy desires, greed, and envy.

Measure the distance in your disappointment between

what you want and what you have
what you expect and what has happened
what should be and what is

Ask yourself:

Why does the distance disappoint me?
When I have accounted for the distance, what does it tell me about the needs of my soul?

Do I need to grow or mature?
Do I need to forgive?
Do I need to let go of unfair expectations?
Do I need to work or even fight for what is right?

There is information in disappointment. Learn from it, don’t be led by it. Listen for what God is trying to tell you in the middle of it.

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