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“What do you mean nothing?  You’re something!  A person!  You’re flesh and blood and bones and hair and nails and ears.  You’re not a fish.  You’re not a buffalo.  You’re you!…You walk and talk and cry and complain and eat little green pills and send suicide telegrams.  No one else does that Felix.  I’m telling you, you’re-the-only-one-of-its-kind in the world!…Now drink to that.”  (Neil Simon, The Odd Couple, 33)

Friendship is not something that we talk about very much, except in passing.  But nurturing friendships should be an intentional enterprise and it is one with genuine spiritual value.

A good friend can be a window into your soul, a source of encouragement, a sparring partner who sharpens your skill, and deepens your virtues.

Look for friends.

Be a friend.

Check in, stay in touch.




2 Responses to “Friendship”

  1. David Dunbar says:

    The human condition being what it is, we have to count our selves fortunate if we have several close friends.

  2. Carol Lawson says:

    Dear Fred, Thank you for your thoughts today on friendship. It is so timely for me. I have been in the depths with a dear friend whose situation contains life or death – literally. The Lord gave me a vision about a month ago and I shared it with her. It was exactly “right on.” The Lord has given me other understandings to help her. The situation will be settled tomorrow unltess Jesus intervenes otherwise.

    So, Fred, thank you again for sharing on friendship. At times I have been without any friend except Jesus and I have been with many friends, and I have been with only one friend. What really is important to me is that I am a friend. The world is so lonely and desperate. Christians have the answer. We have Jesus. When we share Him with others and even with all those who will listen we are being their true friend. Sharing Him is more than lip service. It is an involvement that consumes our life. But is that not our commision from our Master?

    Again, Fred, such a blessed timely message. I know sometimes we think we are just shooting words out to land somewhere – anywhere – and maybe we do sometimes. But words are important. It is like casting our bread upon the waters and waiting to see what happens.

    Jesus spoke and everything was created. He is the Word. So should we wonder how important words are? Every word will be accounted for one day in heaven. So, my dear Fred, you speak words and they are precious to our souls.

    Blessings be upon thee!

    Carol Lawson

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