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Not everything that defeats us is a sin. Not in the way we typically think of sin at any rate: a willful disregard for the will of God.
Some of what slows and inhibits our spiritual growth is deeply rooted in experiences that obscure the freedom we were meant to enjoy. The way we were reared, the family dynamics that shaped the way we are in the world.

The challenge is remembering that our lives are an integrated whole. We are not simply souls, but emotions, bodies, life histories. To find healing it is important to know this. Otherwise, we run the risk of being defeated by forces and patterns in our lives that we do not recognize as having a fundamentally spiritual dimension.

For example, a life long desire to be loved and honored by someone who owed us love and respect may make us brittle, dependent, grasping, desperate, or angry. Any of those feelings can inhibit the growth of freedom in our lives.
Find a place to tell God your story, open the whole of it to healing, and find the God-given freedom out of which you were intended to live.

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